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Saint John Society (SSJ) Missionaries:

Aaron Stettler


John Poodts

My name is Aaron Stettler (on right in photo). I was born just outside Phoenix, Arizona at Luke Air Force Base. Growing up, we moved around a lot because my mom was an officer in the Air Force. After high school, I went to Oregon State University. It was there that I went on my first Catholic retreat with the Newman Center, which was a very powerful experience that Jesus Christ truly is alive and risen. It was through that retreat that I began to experience God’s guidance in my life and the desire to give my life to God as a priest. I graduated with a degree in Spanish and went to Argentina for some years of formation and missionary experience with the Saint John Society. I am currently in my third year of theology at the Dominican House of Studies.


John Poodts (on left in photo): I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During my last year of high school I drew closer to Christ and started developing a personal relationship with Him, especially through the experience of mission trips and a good group of friends with whom I shared my faith. I decided to study philosophy and become a professor, but during my second year of college Jesus invited me to follow Him in a closer way as a missionary and to become a priest. I entered the Saint John Society in 2011 and spent some years working full-time in apostolate. After that, I resumed my studies and finished my degrees in philosophy. In 2017, I moved to Washington DC for my theological studies and I am currently in my third year of theology at the Dominican House of Studies.