Saint John Society Missionaries

Aaron Stettler

& Joseph Piper

My name is Aaron Stettler. I was born just outside Phoenix, Arizona at Luke Air Force Base. Growing up, we moved around a lot because my mom was an officer in the Air Force. After high school, I went to Oregon State University. It was there that I went on my first Catholic retreat with the Newman Center, which was a very powerful experience that Jesus Christ truly is alive and risen. It was through that retreat that I began to experience God’s guidance in my life and the desire to give my life to God as a priest. I graduated with a degree in Spanish and went to Argentina for some years of formation and missionary experience with the Saint John Society. I am currently in my second year of theology at the Dominican House of Studies.


My name is Joseph Piper and I grew up in Seattle, Washington, where I always loved playing basketball (or just about any sport), reading good books, and hanging out with family and friends. In my first year of college I came back to God in a Christian Bible study, and a few years later, as I continued seeking Him, he led me to the Catholic Church. As a missionary with the Saint John Society, I spent two years of mission in Argentina, especially among the poor. I’ve been back in DC for a year now, where I am studying to be a priest at the Dominican House of Studies. I’m excited to help out at with RCIA and other programs at American University this year.