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Maria Goitiandia

Hello, my name is Maria Goitiandia and I am a sophomore at American University. Entering my freshman year I knew that I wanted to continue to grow in my Faith and to live a life devoted to God and getting involved in the Catholic Community on campus was a great way to strengthen the relationship I have with God. However, being a part of AUCatholic also allows me to engage with not only other Christians but a multitude of religions as well. Partaking in events held by the Catholics and the other religious congregations on campus made me realize the strength in interfaith relations and worship. Because of this I decided that serving as Interfaith Ambassador would be a fulfilling task for both my own journey as a Catholic, but also as someone who sees the beauty in the different ways of worship on campus. This year I am excited to share my love for the Lord with those around me and to learn more about the other religions that are housed on campus through my position as Interfaith Ambassador!