Sam Frank

Since the start of my freshman year, I have been extremely involved in the Catholic community on campus and am deeply committed to the vision of AUCatholic here at American University. From Food, Faith, and Fellowship on Thursday evenings to monthly community dinners, I am a firm believer that creating a space for fellow Catholics and their friends to gather and share our love for Jesus is crucial to keeping our faith in college and spreading God’s message to those around us. As treasurer during the 2017-2018 academic year, I organized an E-Board photoshoot to send out Easter cards to our primary donors and supporters, met with the Catholic Campus Minister, Grace, biweekly to discuss the budget and our funding, and assisted other E-Board members with any tasks, activities, or events in which they needed help. As continuing my role as treasurer, I will help further plan events and invite both practicing and non-practicing Catholics to grow closer to our Heavenly Father through AUCatholic and the services and activities we have to offer. The Catholic Community at American University and serving on the Executive Board have been a highlight of my college career thus far. I am honored to continue to serve as Treasurer and continue to execute activities and events to bring the AUCatholic community closer together and inspired to share God’s love with the entire AU community.