Hannah Andrews

Last academic year, I was the Interfaith Ambassador and worked closely with the Vice President at the time, Gabby Moran (our current President), in scheduling interfaith activities. I am eager to continue to work with the interfaith community as well as serve the overall Catholic community in a leadership role this year. As Vice President, I want to continue to expand and build upon our faith-filled community on campus. I am a passionate leader who aims to serve each and every individual in a community, and I am organized and proactive when completing tasks. I plan on running a bible study next semester for underclassmen in order to create a space for others to encounter Jesus. Throughout last academic year, I was praying and studying on how to lead a fruitful discussion. I aim to use my leadership capabilities to be a vocal leader for the community. I am very enthusiastic about my faith because I am a Catholic convert. Through my faith journey to the Church, I developed a deep appreciation for the sacraments, and I am so excited to share my faith with others in this role as Vice President. After going to a Catholic all-girls school for four years, I understand the passion that can come out of a faith-filled community. I see the same passion in the AU Catholic community and want to give back to a group I am thankful for by helping others grow in their faith in the role of Vice President