Gabby Moran


I am so honored to contribute to our vibrant faith community by assisting in the execution of its immediate and long-term goals as AUCatholic President for the 2018-2019 academic year. Serving as Vice President for the Spring 2018 Semester allowed me to become familiar with the operational side of our Church on campus. Now, I am equipped to serve as your liaison between our community and our university and to execute a pastoral plan that uplifts each and every member of our faith family. During the 15 years that I attended Catholic schools, I actively engaged with my faith community through dedicated service and scholarship. In high school, I worked closely with the school’s religious studies department to advance our work with the Catholic Jewish Educational Enrichment Program (CJEEP). My experiences working with CJEEP have given me a rich understanding of the Church’s relations with other faith groups and its goals rooted in fostering understanding and solidarity, formalized in Nostra Aetate (1965). As your President, I will utilize my background in facilitating interfaith dialogue to advance our work with all who gather here at the Kay Spiritual Life Center. Inspired by our study of “Mulieris Digitatem,” I worked within my high school to design the Female Leadership Initiative (FLI). Rooted in Catholic social teaching on gender complementarity, the FLI’s mission aims to prompt a cultural shift in our understanding of empowerment through intersectional dialogue and advocacy. As your President, I intend to expand opportunities for members of our community to grow in the Church’s social teaching, so that we all may be empowered to live and share the words of the Gospel. The Gospel of Matthew tells us that, those who are first shall be last. It is this message that propelled me as a leader dedicating to serving others. I hope to use these qualities and lessons in leadership to serve the Catholic community at American University. My prayers are with you.